1. Dev Hynes, 2014

    Read my article about Easternsports, a collaborative video installation by Alex Da Corte and Jayson Musson, and Dev, today on VICE

  2. Alex Da Corte in Philadelphia, 2014

    Read my interview with Alex about his new show, Easternsports, on VICE

  3. Blue Mando, 2014

  4. Whitney in Philadelphia, 2014

  5. Harry, 2014

  6. Annette Lamothe-Ramos on set in Wildwood, NJ. Check out the great editorial she shot for this month’s VICE called Tan Lines.

  7. Miyako in Wildwood, NJ

  8. I photographed Dustin Yellin for VICE.

    (via vicemag)

  9. Light, 2014

  10. James and Rachel, 2014